Department of Urban management Research

The Department of Urban Management Research aims to create effective, future-oriented and citizen-centered municipal operation environment. To achieve this, it constantly seeks efficientmanagement plans for organizations and research efficient public finance policy for sustainable municipal operations. In addition, the department considers governance based ecentralization and partnership management plans sustainable for the period of local autonomy.

Research Areas

Organization Management

  • Organization assessment and diagnosis
  • Performance management
  • Human resource management

Finance Management

  • Public finance policy
  • Tax system
  • Finance and policy planning

Decentralization and Partnership Management

  • Local autonomy development
  • Balanced regional development

Research area image

Position Name Research Area Phone E-mail
Director/Research Fellow Guiyoung Kim

Public Administration, Organization & Personnel Management

Senior Research Fellow Jung, Hee Yun

Urban Planning, Urban Management

Research Fellow Jun Sik Bae

Public Finance, Policy Evaluation

Associate Research Fellow Shin, Min chul

Performance Mangement, Program Evaluation

Associate Research Fellow Minsup Hwang

Organization Diagnosis, Performance Management, Environmental Policy

Associate Research Fellow Yi, Joon Young

governance, local self-government, policy instrument choice, mayoral leadership, community well-being