Intro & Mission

What is MeTTA?

Megacity Think Tank Alliance (MeTTA) is an international alliance aiming to provide solutions to problems that a megacity faces and subsequently to improve the quality of life of its citizens.


By building an international network, MeTTA plans to distribute to its member think tanks information on urban problems and solutions and to coordinate their problem-solving efforts. Through a substantial and consistent cooperation with its members, MeTTA will support megacity governments to form a mutual relationship for collaboration and by encouraging private partnerships, to raise the quality of life of the citizens.


Exchange and collaboration are as follows.

  • Exchange of the solutions to urban problems
  • Expert exchange


1. General Assembly

A general assembly and academic seminar will be held on a yearly basis as a venue for setting an annual agenda as well as for facilitating the exchange of the research expertise. The member cities, currently Seoul, Beijing, Singapore, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City, Tianjin and Busan (in the order of the membership), are hosting the annual assembly by turns.

2. Membership

Beginning in Asia megacities with high urbanization rate, MeTTA will ultimately expand its membership to include megacities and organizations in all other parts of the world. In addition to urban think tanks, MeTTA will encourage participation and support by international bodies that are interested in urban problems and active in exploring solutions to the problems, including, but not limited to, UN-Habitat, Citynet, and Metropolis.

MeTTA Membership Application