The 2015 Seoul Welfare Survey: An In-depth Analysis Report


The Seoul Metropolitan Government has been conducting the Seoul Welfare Survey since 2013. This report provides results of an in-depth analysis of the 2015 Seoul Welfare Survey. The data comprises 3,019 sample households living in Seoul and covers parameters ranging from basic characteristics of households and their family life to the needs of various welfare populations.


The analysis provides profiles of the major subgroups of interest in Seoul. The analysis consist of three parts. The first part is about population and household of Seoul, which covers household living arrangement, elderly households, households headed by females, and baby boomers. The second part deals with economic issues. Poverty and inequality, typology and characteristics of poor households, assets and debt, and the middle class of Seoul are the issues analyzed in this part. The final part discusses work and lifestyle. The economic activities and living conditions of the working poor persons are reviewed, followed by profiles of Seoul’s young people such as the young NEET and kangaroos.


The result of this analysis provides useful information for establishing welfare policies because investigating profiles of the target population is the top priority in policy making. However, the Seoul Welfare Survey has some limitations. Establishing more reliable data is a challenge for the Seoul Metropolitan Government in order to create evidence-based welfare policies.



01 Introduction

1_Background and Purpose of the Study

2_Contents and Research Methods


02 Introduction to the Seoul Welfare Survey

1_Background and Purpose

2_Outlines of the Survey

3_Review of Data


03 Population and Household of Seoul

1_Household Living Arrangement

2_Elderly Persons in Seoul

3_Baby Boomers

4_Female-headed Households


04 Income and Poverty

1_Poverty and Inequality

2_Type and Characteristics of the Income Poor

3_Households with Burden of Liabilities

4_Characteristics of the Middle Class


05 Work and Lifestyle

1_The Working Poor

2_Young People of the NEET Status

3_Kangaroo and Single Ladies Living Alone


06 Conclusion

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