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The 2022 Seoul Young Adult Panel Study (SYPS)

Geum-Sun ByunㆍSangil KimㆍSeung-Yun KimㆍJinha KimㆍHyun-Chan Ahn ㆍSeong-Ah KimㆍMin-Jin ParkㆍAh-Reum LimㆍA Hyun RyuㆍJong Seon Lee

Youth policy should provide measures to cope with risks based on the understanding of the multidimensional life changes in youth and life transitions of the life cycle. Recently, various surveys have been conducted on youths in South Korea. However, the existing cross-sectional survey data are not sufficient to analyse the process of change in youth, and policy and feedback evaluation is difficult. To overcome such limitations. The Seoul Institute and the Seoul Metropolitan Government planned the Seoul Young Adult Panel Study (SYPS) and conducted the first survey in 2021, and the second survey in 2022.

The Seoul Young Adult Panel Study (SYPS) survey included 5,265 young adults aged 18 to 34 years from Seoul during the first survey year in 2021 and an additional 1,321 individuals during the second survey year in 2022. The questionnaire was composed of content from various areas of life such as education, vocational training, employment, economic life, housing, perceptions, policy evaluation, and COVID-19 considering the changes in the life transitions of the life cycle of youth.

This study includes a descriptive report and a longitudinal analysis report. The descriptive report provides analysis results for each questionnaire area and serves as a reference for researchers using the Seoul Young Adult Panel Survey data. The longitudinal analysis report analyses the data from the first and second surveys, targeting a total of 3,762 participants, to examine the changing trends among the youth and derive policy implications while analysing youth issues.