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Detailed Methodology Study for Feasibility Study on Establishment of Local Government-Funded Institution

Dong-Guen Kim・Chan-Young Hong・Young-Hyun Shin・Kim Jeong-kwon・Hak-yeon Lee・Mi-sun Jeon・Woongseon Choi・Yi-jung Choi

With the revision of the Enforcement Decree of the 「Act on the Operation of Local Government-Investmed or -Funded Institutions」 in 2020, local research institutes in charge are reviewing the feasibility of establishing government-invested or government-funded institutions. ocal research institutes are conducting a feasibility review based on the items and standards set by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, but the methodology for reviewing each detailed item is insufficient. Therefore, in this study, a review methodology for each major item was developed to help secure consistency, objectivity, and reliability in the feasibility study of the establishment of government-funded institutions. By comprehensively considering the role review of local public institutions, the case analysis of the feasibility review of the establishment of local funded institutions, and the application of the preliminary feasibility study methodology for national R&D, three review items are proposed; ‘policy and legal feasibility’, ‘business necessity and urgency’ and ‘alternative policy measures’.

The review of the organization and manpower plan needs to be divided into a review of the organizational structure and a review of the manpower utilization plan. The organizational structure(design) review needs to be reviewed in the order of 1. review of conformity with organizational establishment goals, 2. review of appropriateness of organizational structure, and 3. review of detailed organizational structure. In order to calculate the appropriate manpower size, it is necessary to select the ‘job analysis’ technique and the ‘comparison with similar organizations’ technique in consideration of the level of data and the purpose of establishment.