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A Development Strategy of Intermediary Organizations leading governance in Seoul

Byeongsun JeounㆍWonsill Hwang


The Seoul Metropolitan Government has set collaborative governance and innovation as key policies. The Government operates intermediary organizations to implement the core policies for six years as of 2018. Nevertheless, there is no clear concept or legal basis of intermediary organizations and their role and function are also unclear. These institutional limitations are causing various problems in the operation of intermediary organizations. So the purpose of the study is to diagnose the situation of the organizations and prepare future development plans in Seoul.

This study results that there are five main measures for sustainable development of the organizations. First, institutional infrastructure of intermediary organizations is needed. The Act on the Promotion and Support of Intermediate Support Organizations in Seoul is enacted. The Act clarifies the definition of concept of intermediate support organizations, their relationship to administration, and various institutional support methods. Second, the government introduces a civil agreement based on the horizontal partnership between the administration and the intermediary organizations. Third, the intermediary organizations strengthen financial independence in order to secure autonomy of operation. They are guaranteed autonomous use of their own revenues, donations and funds. Fourth, the intermediary organizations operates its own organization more openly and democratically. Their committee will be activated and various committee members will be formed. Fifth, the government will establish a consortium of intermediary organizations to strengthen their connection. In the long term, it will establish and operate a converged intermediary organization.



01 Introduction

1_Background and Purpose of the Study

2_Main Contents and Research Methods


02 Public Status on Intermediary Organizations in Seoul

1_Previous Research

2_Current Status


03 International Case Studies of the Best Practices about Intermediary Organizations’ Operation

1_Case Studies in Japan

2_Case Studies in UK


04 Survey and Policy Directions for a Sustainable Intermediary Organizations


2_Policy Directions for a Sustainable Intermediary Organizations


05 Policy Agendas for the Seoul Metropolitan Government