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The Establishment Strategy for Young Adult Policy Delivery System in Seoul

Geum-Sun ByunㆍYoung-Joo LeeㆍKihun KimㆍIkhyun Jang

This study aims to establish a reorganization direction, principle, and strategy to establish a young adult policy delivery system in Seoul and to present Seoul's young adult agency function and role adjustment plan. By establishing a young adult policy delivery system, we aim to reduce blind spots in young adult policy

and contribute to improving the quality of life for young adults in Seoul. This will be achieved by strengthening the development of customized policies based on the local community and by identifying and supporting target groups. Seoul has been leading Korea's young adult policy. In 2015, the first basic ordinance for young adults in Seoul was enacted in South Korea and the number of young adult policy programs, which was 20 in 2016, was greatly expanded to 50 in 2022. However, the quantitative expansion of the policy is difficult to respond to the various needs of young adults in Seoul. For the policy to work and increase the happiness of Seoul young adults, Seoul young adult policy should be in touch with young people who need such policies. This study proposed a plan to establish an effective and efficient young adult policy delivery system to address diverse needs of young adults.