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Evaluation of Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Social Economy Policy for Better Policy Making

Yi, Joon YoungㆍMin-Young Lee

This research aims to evaluate Seoul Metropoitan Government’s Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) policy (SSE 1.0 & 2.0) from 2012 to 2018 with a view to prepare a new mid-term SSE policy (SSE 3.0) for the next five years. To achieve these research aims, this research analysed relationships between policy goals and policy instruments of SMG’s SSE policy. SMG’s SSE policies were analysed, focusing on the budget to review input factors of policies. After reviewing policy contents, overall outcomes of policies were analysed and evaluated from the point of view of policy goals. Finally, a fundamental direction of SMG’s SSE Plan (Social Economy 3.0) is suggested. Such plan will be established in the future based on analysis of policies and policy outcomes.

Based on findings of analyses, new policy directions of SMG's Social Economy 3.0 are proposed as follows. First, the vision of Social Economy 3.0 should be set to enhance competitiveness of social economy enterprises and strengthen their influence on citizens’ daily life. Second, strategic goals are desirable to include scaling social economy enterprises up, accelerating management innovation of social economy enterprises, strengthening social economy ecosystem and promoting the growth of umbrella organizations. Third, Social Economy 3.0 needs to improve performance management system of SMG’s social economy policy. Lastly, it is necessary to consider restructuring SMG’s umbrella organizations of social economy in terms of improving policy delivery system of social economy 3.0. It is essential to improve the expertise and capacity of umbrella organizations. It is also important to consider bringing these organizations together.