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The Forum of Urban Planning in Seoul: The Issues and Projects of Urban Planning in the 10 Years later

Sun-Wung Kim, Jaesub Yang, Enjung Yang, Gain Lee

‘Committee of the Establishment of 2040 Seoul Plan(a new urban master plan)’ hold the meetings and seminars with the renowned experts about Seoul in various fields of urban planning, discussing the issues in the changes of the circumstances toward the establishment of ‘2040 Seoul Plan’.
The present study also aims to identify the issues and to suggest the possible projects in the fields of urban planning. The forum was formed to present and discuss the ideas on the issues with many experts in and out of the Seoul Institute. And then, it is surveyed the detailed ideas and possible projects to be performed in the Seoul Institute.
The fields are selected as the changes in lifestyles and population migration patterns through the appearance of the millennial generation, and the changes in the urban spaces for the future and the improvement of urban competitiveness, at first. In addition, the fields are added as issues on the metropolitanization pattern and spatial structure, the post urban regeneration, those plans of sub-regional areas, detailed area plans and landscapes management, and green new deals and urban policies of the Seoul metropolitan areas among many fields. 
In the forum, the eight seminars was held with 17 presenters and 23 discussants. The possible sample projects In the fields are shown in the reports.