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How to Collaborate with Private Service Providers in Seoul Childcare Support Program

Hyun-Chan Ahn · Jin-Young Moon · Jung-Im Ha · Jin-Ah Han

The Seoul Childcare Support Program is to support childcare costs for parents of infants age of 2 who have difficulty raising their children so that they can get help from families or babysitters. The program consists of a “helper type” that supports families and a “private type” that supports babysitter fees. The “private type” is the first program of its kind in Korea, and criteria for selecting private agencies that provide reliable services are needed. It will be also implemented before the registration system for private service agencies that the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family plans to introduce in 2024, so it is important to come up with a strategy to link it with the registration system.

Therefore, the purpose of this study is to establish criteria for selecting and managing appropriate private periods for the Seoul Childcare Support Program while avoiding overlaps and conflicts with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family’s private agency registration system and childcare helper qualification system, which will be introduced next year.