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Improvement of Community Space Support Programs in Seoul

Hyun-Chan AhnㆍYun-Jung Cho


Over the past five years, Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG) has supported 331 local community spaces, but most of them have difficulties in operation. This report proposes how to improve public support programs based on the 74 space manager interview and 293 users survey.


The analysis consists of three parts. The first part is basic condition of local community spaces which covers types of operating organization, operating periods, the number of members and users, and purpose and frequency of visit. Second part measures the outcome and problem of the spaces by autonomy, publicity, and self-reliance. third part deals with policy demand, especially the priority of specific policy means and willing to pay of communities. The result of analysis provides that local community spaces need to strengthen profit structure based on community business, because they have high autonomy and publicity with low self-reliance.


For improving existing three Community Space Support Programs (CSSP), this report proposes four main directions and seven detailed suggestions by requirement, resources, and collaborative system of the programs. This report can contribute to expand the scope of CSSPs from beginning to growth stage. Connecting to policy of community capitalization is a challenge for SMG in order to make local community spaces sustainable.




01 Introduction

1_Background and Purpose

2_Main Contents and Research Methods


02 Community Space and Support Programs

1_Community Space in Local Community Policy of Seoul

2_Characteristics of the Community Space

3_Necessity of public support for Resident-led Community Spaces


03 Case Studies

1_Seoul: Community Space Support Programs and Community Cafe

2_UK: More Than A Pub and Community Pub



04 Operational Realities and Policy Demands of Community Spaces

1_Basic Condition of Community Spaces in Seoul

2_Outcomes and Problems in Space Operation

3_Self-effort and Policy Demands for Sustainable Operation



05 Policy Agenda for Seoul Metropolitan Government

1_Changing Directions of Community Space Support Programs

2_Detailed Suggestions for Making Community Spaces Sustainable

3_Implication and Assignment