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Improvement of the Current Evaluation System of Sustainability and Infrastructure for Citizens’ Well-Being

Sun-Wung Kim, Jae-Seob Yang, Hee Jin Kim


The Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation (MOLIT) conducts evaluation of 299 primary local governments towards sustainability and infrastructure for citizens’ well-being annually. However, the goal is mostly to rank local governments and to present awards. Therefore, the roles of metropolitan governments such as Seoul are not sufficiently specified. The index system is not reflected for characteristics of a large metropolitan area such as Seoul with close to 10 million people. In addition, it includes indices not related to boroughs because they are not surveyed at the level of the primary local government.

We propose that metropolitan governments more knowledgeable about metropolitan sectors should participate in the evaluation process as evaluators. Metropolitan areas should be separated from local governments with populations of hundreds of thousands in the evaluation process. We suggest a surveying process of evaluation by MOLIT, submission of indices by primary local governments, examination and submission by metropolitan governments, ranking determination and awards presented by MOLIT, share of evaluation results by MOLIT, and review of results and new policy development by metropolitan and primary local governments. We also propose an evaluation process of the urban master plan at the level of urban sustainability as an alternative of a long-term evaluation.




01 Research Overview

1_Background and Purpose of Research

2_Scope and Method of Research


02 Review of Current Sustainability Evaluation System

1_Review of Current System

2_Review of Evaluation Methods


03 Results of the City of Seoul in the 2015 Sustainability Evaluation

1_Evaluation Results of Basic Indices in the City of Seoul and Its Boroughs

2_Evaluation Results of Detailed Indices in the City of Seoul and Its Boroughs


04 Problems in the Survey of Current Sustainability Evaluation System

1_Analysis Methods and Interview of Survey System by Boroughs

2_Problems of Current Evaluation System


05 Case Studies on the Sustainability Evaluation Systems

1_pLAn of Los Angeles City

2_OneNYC of New York City

3_Sustainability Evaluation System of London City

4_Sustainability Evaluation System of the City of Seoul


06 Improvement of Current Sustainability Evaluation System

1_Basic Principles and Direction of the Improvement

2_Improvement Direction of Current Sustainability Evaluation System