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Issues and Tasks of Homeless Policy in Seoul

Min-suk YoonㆍWon-suk NamㆍJin-Ha KimㆍMin-Jin ParkㆍYoung-Joo Lee

Although the number of homeless people in Seoul is gradually decreasing, there are still problems with the revolving door phenomenon that repeats entering and leaving facilities with a chronicity. Characteristics of people experiencing homelessness are also becoming more diverse. In addition, it is urgent to prepare measures to prevent the homeless and the risk of infection in the context of an infectious disease such as COVID-19. Therefore, it is necessary to review existing policies to the homeless and welfare services, housing, and employment areas to provide an overall direction such as Seoul’s Homeless policy development, including new policy subjects. 
The purpose of this study was to establish a comprehensive support plan for homeless people by reflecting changed policy environmental conditions at the Seoul Metropolitan Government level. To this end, through literature research and secondary data analysis, we examined the status and support policies of homeless people at home and abroad. We conducted several meetings and expert surveys targeting working-level workers and academic experts to evaluate the importance of Seoul’s homeless policy and investigate major issues and necessary policies. Based on these results, we proposed development plans for each sector of homeless support policies.