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From Local Government to Citizen Initiative: A Search for Seoul's Model of Self-Governance

Joo-Hun LeeㆍDo-Sam RahㆍJung-Yong Lee

01 Introduction

1_Background and Purpose of the Study

2_Main Contents and Research Methods


02 Theory and History of Self Governance in Seoul

1_Seoul’s Experience of Local Autonomy

2_Self Governance beyond Institutional Local Autonomy

3_Trajectory of Seoul’s Self Governance


03 Emergence of Neighborhood Community Service Center

1_Neighborhood Community Service Center: Perspective from Social Welfare

2_Neighborhood Community Service Center: Perspective from Public Health

3_Neighborhood Community Service Center: Perspective from Village Community

4_Neighborhood Community Service Center: Perspective from Public Administration

5_Neighborhood Community Service Center as Constant Innovation


04 Neighborhood Community Service Center as Institution of Self Governance

1_A Search for ‘Real’ Autonomy of the Citizens

2_Measuring Self Governance: Trust, Participation, and Community

3_Performance of the Neighborhood Community Service Center



05 A Search for the Seoul’ Model of Self Governance

1_Why Neighborhood Community Service Center?

2_Policy Recommendation for the Sustainable Institution of Self Governance