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Policy evaluation of family dentist system for students and children of low-income households and its suggestions

Chang-Woo ShonㆍJung-Ah Kim


The amount of personal and public expenditure for oral health in Seoul has increased significantly over the years. Especially for students and children, the number of cavities of them was much more than OECD. Also there emerges the view that oral health of children is related with their parents’ socioeconomic status which brings about disparities in use of dental services. Against the backdrop of the situation, this study evaluates the policy “Family dentist system for students and children of low-income households” which has started since 2012 as a demonstration project(including 6 out of 25 autonomous districts) of Seoul. Drawing the results and lessons from evaluations, the study provides some policy suggestions to improve this policy as a sustainable program to all autonomous districts in Seoul.

It is found that the policy needs to increase its enrollees and budget to cover increased students. For payment system, this study recommends that it needs to be changed from a mixed payment system, both for per diem payment and fee for service payment, to a capitation which can cover all grades of elementary school.

There is a limitation in data for analysis due to a short observation period, this study could not find out the clinical effectiveness of the policy. However, this study finds out the improved recognition of students and parents, positive recognition of participating dentists for the policy. Also this study confirms that limits in governance where all stake holders can not participate in the policy and supervision and regulation are insufficient in operating this policy.




01 Introduction

1_Background and purpose of the study

2_Main contents and research methods


02 Literature reviews

1_Registered dentist program

2_Relation between oral health status and preventive dental care and screening service

3_Previous studies in registered dentist program research

4_Oral health promotion programs in high income countries


03 Policy evaluation of Seoul registered dentists program

1_Input basis evaluation

2_Process basis evaluation

3_Output and outcome basis evaluation


04 Current value of the services provided and reimbursement level

1_Current value of services provided

2_Reimbursement level for dental clinic


05 Conclusion and policy suggestions