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Risks and Safety: Citizens’ Perception and Regional Attribute

Kwonjoong ChohㆍSang-Young ShinㆍJi-Won Choi


Policy awareness and Citizens’ Interest in safety rise while experiencing several disasters in Seoul. City Seoul has faced the risk society that risks consist ordinary life in the trends of urbanization and a aging society. In the issues of safety, equity problem should be examined seriously. Social inequality is interwoven with distributions of safety and risks. The socially weak groups may experience more risks and less safety around disasters. Citizens’ perception about risks and safety may vary according to socio-economic status and residence. Regional distribution of disaster risks may differ alongside with regional attributes.


This study attempts to illustrate citizens’ perception about risks and safety issues in Seoul. Socio-strata including gender, age, education, income, occupation and residence show different levels of perception about risks and safety. This result is important to consider the subjective emotion of safety while it confirms inequal distribution of risks.


Regional distribution of disasters is illustrated according to regional attributes such as demographic composition including gender ratio, the elderly, children and poverty. These attributes are related each other. This result may confirm the importance of regional equity in distribution of safety and risks. The future study should attempt to formulate a equity policy about urban safety in Seoul.




01 Introduction

1_The Purpose of Study

2_Main Contents and Research Methods


02 Equity and Inequality on Risks and Safety

1_Perspective on Risks and Disasters

2_Equity Issues on Safety


03 Perception of Risks and Safety and Socio-strata Attributes

1_Citizens’ Perception on Risk Society

2_Citizens’ Perception on Safety and Disaster



04 Regional Distribution of Safety and Socio-economic Attributes

1_Regional Distribution of Safety and Risks

2_Socio-economic Attribute and the Weak Strata



05 Policy Implication

1_Implemented Safety Policies

2_Suggestions for the Safe Seoul