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Searching for the Way to Establish the ‘Seoul-type Governance’

Byeong-Sun JeongㆍDa-Kyoung KimㆍYoung-Eun KimㆍHong-Tek Lee

01 Introduction

1_Background and Purpose of the Study

2_Contents and Methods of the Study


02 Literature Review on Governance to Investigate ‘Seoul-type Governance’

1_Conceptual Discussions on Governance

2_Present Situations with Regard to the Seoul-type Governance


03 Analysis of the Public Governance in Seoul

1_Present Situation about Flagship Governance Policies

2_Analysis of the Public Governance in Seoul

3_Governance Structure and Operation System: Focusing on Four Main Policy Areas


04 Main Agendas in Regards to the ‘Seoul-type Governance’

1_Perception Gaps and Lack of Trust between the Public and Private on Governance

2_Re-arrangement of Institutional Foundation for City Governance

3_Lack of System to Connect and Co-ordinate Levels of Governance

4_Lack of Foundation of the Community Governance


05 Basic and Strategic Plans for the ‘Governance Seoul’

1_Basic Plan for the ‘Governance Seoul’

2_Strategic Plans to Achieve the ‘Governance Seoul 2.0’