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The Seoul Institute Research Abstracts 2016

Chang Yi

Urban Planning


A Study on Rezoning Urban Centers by the 2030 Seoul Plan

A Planning Monitoring Study on the Community Plan of Seou

A Study on the Changing Housing Market and Policy Implications in Seoul

A Study of the Seoul Residential Environment Management Projects for Sustainable Management of Low-Rise Residential Areas

Understanding Urban Planning in the City of Pyongyang


Transportation Planning


Analysis of Seoul Citizen’s Vehicle Ownership and User Characteristics

Seoul Subway Congestion Costs and Policy Implications

Strategies for Improving the Quasi-Public Bus Operating System of the Seoul Metropolitan Government

Improvements of Travel Survey and Statistical Indicators for Walk Trips

Traffic Operation Strategy to Improve Pedestrian Safety at Signalized Intersections

Establishment of an Annual Reporting Framework for Seoul Transport Complaints

Role of Transportation Planning for Urban Regeneration Projects in Seoul

The Road Subsidence Conditions and Safety Improvement Plans in Seoul

Strategic Plan for Developing Da Nang Metropolitan Region


Environmental Planning


Environmentally Friendly Urban Management Using Biotope Map

A Study on Functional Improvement and Management for Streamlets in Seoul

A Study on the Plans to Establish Standards for Setting Priorities of Compensation for Unexecuted Urban Planning Facilities Infrastructure in Green Tract of Land

Policy Options to Manage High-pollution On-road Diesel Vehicles Based on Excessive Emission Grades in Seoul

A Study on the Utilization of Emergency Generators as a Backup Power System


Urban Administration


A Study about the Promotion Strategies of the Decentralization Agendas of the Seoul Declaration

Study on the Estimation Method for the Subsidy Rate for National Subsidies in Social Welfare

A Study on Defining and Allocating the Safety Budget in Seoul

Searching for the Way to Establish the ‘Seoul-type Governance’


The Economy


Research on Consumer Survey Index in Seoul

Current State and Future Outlook of Geographical Concentrations of Small-sized Manufacturing Enterprises in Seoul

A Study on Supporting the Living Goods Industry in Seoul, South Korea

Analysis of the Food Service Sector in Seoul

An Analysis about the Effects of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Procurement Policy for the Socially Disadvantaged Business

Characteristics and Prospects of South Korea’s Inbound Tourism Markets


Social Policy


From Local Government to Citizen Initiative: A Search for Seoul’s Model of Self-Governance

A Study on Characteristics and Regional Distribution of Seoul’s Cultural Resources

A Study on the Support for Promoting the Youth Activities in Seoul

A Study on Strategic Labour Policies of Seoul

A Study on the Strategy of Labour Policy in Seoul

A Study on the Operation and Roles of Labor Welfare Organizations in Seoul

A Policy for Spread of Living Wage in Private Sectors