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Seoul Taxi Service Satisfaction : Survey of 2022

Kijung Ahn · Yeongbeom Kim

A comprehensive survey was conducted for two months from October to November to identify major current status and problems by users, citizens, and transportation workers in relation to the Seoul taxi service in 2022. A customer satisfaction survey of 4,000 taxi users in Seoul and a taxi service awareness survey of 1,000 Seoul citizens with taxi experience were conducted. In addition, a survey on the perception of 422 corporate taxi drivers was conducted to investigate the status of transport workers and job satisfaction that affect the supply of taxis in Seoul, such as the recent shortage of corporate taxi employment.

In 2022, the overall satisfaction level of taxi services in Seoul was 82.2 points, down 0.2 points from 2021. Overall satisfaction has been on the rise since 2012, reflecting a steady improvement in overall taxi services in Seoul, but satisfaction has fallen this year due to a lack of supply compared to demand for transportation workers, such as late-night taxi shortages. According to a survey on taxi service awareness conducted on Seoul citizens, about 70% of them answered that boarding time was less than 30 minutes, and they generally use taxis as short/medium-distance (less than 10km) transportation rather than long-distance. As the main complaints of drivers felt by citizens while using taxis, 22.5% were "refusal to get on," followed by "random driving (19.3%), "unfriendly (15.5%)," and "unnecessary chatting (14.2%) Criteria for dissatisfaction with taxi drivers felt by citizens. This is believed to be due to negative perception due to the experience of late-night ride difficulties (62.1% of the respondents) in 2022.

Usually, platform-based taxi calls have become the main way to use taxis, and 22.7% of the respondents said, "Getting on a taxi on the street" and the use of street cruising roaming taxis has decreased compared to the past. Most citizens are aware of platform taxis, and among them, they mainly use "Kakao T" (93.8%, including duplicate), and the frequency of platform taxis when using taxis is also increasing from about 58% in 2020 to about 68% in 2023. The reasons for using platform taxis were investigated in the order of "because the taxi was not caught," "because the expected route and fare were displayed," and "because I could know the assigned driver and vehicle information." On the other hand, the most complaints among platform taxis are "difficulty in arranging vehicles at specific times," so it is necessary to prepare policies to solve the boarding shortage at specific times.