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Strengthening Urban Planning and Design Functions in Seoul Metropolitan Government

Min Chul ShinㆍHee-Yun JungㆍSi-Woo LeeㆍMin-Hee KimㆍJihye Lee


This study undertook to find different ways to strengthen the planning and design functions of urban policy in the Seoul metropolitan government, in order to enhance the city competitiveness and improve the quality of life of its citizens. In this endeavor, we analyzed the structure and characteristics of the urban planning, housing and renewal related organizations of the Seoul metropolitan government, by diagnosis and conducting interviews, and analyzing the issues arising in planning, development, and performing architectural design functions. In addition, we explored the policy implications for strengthening the urban space planning function through analysis of overseas examples, such as Boston BPDA and Singapore URA.


Analyzing our results, we propose the four policy directions. In order to cope with future changes in the environment, the principles and consensus about the direction of urban space in Seoul should be prepared. First, the integration and coordination of functions for urban space problem solving should be strengthened. Rather than focusing on the management of individual physical space structures in the urban space policy, a long-term perspective should secure public space, through communication with citizen's issues in the whole space unit. Second, business linkages and cooperation between spatial organizations should be expanded. For this purpose, work allocation and evaluation based on creativity and flexibility will strengthen the cooperation between departments. Third, various methods should be employed to expand the expertise, and apply this expertise to the work. Finally, we need to focus on individual complaints, and move away from the professional-focused approach to participation and communication.




01 Introduction

1_Research Background and Purpose



02 Status and Characteristics of Urban Related Functions in Seoul Government

1_Main Concepts of Urban Planning and Design Functions

2_Need for Enhancement of Functions of Urban Space Planning in Seoul

3_Seoul Metropolitan Space Planning and Organization Structure


03 Analysis of Urban Planning Related Functions in Seoul Government

1_Major Policies and Organizational Changes in Urban issues in Seoul

2_Changing in the Urban Planning and Design in Seoul

3_Current State of Plan and organization systems on Department of Urban Planning and Design in Seoul


04 Urban Planning Function at International Levels

1_Boston Planning and Development Agency: BPDA

2_Urban Redevelopment Authority: URA

3_Policy Implications


05 Conclusions and Recommendations