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A Study on the Gradual Expansion of Vehicle Restriction System in Seoul

Yu-Jin ChoiㆍSeung-Jun KimㆍSojin LeeㆍJeong-Ah KimㆍHyeongyun Ki

In September 2022, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the "Cleaner Seoul 2030" plan, a comprehensive set of strengthened air quality improvement measures. One of the plan's key measures is the phasing out of engine-driven cars with the goal of eliminating them by 2050. The city's mid- to long-term plan is to restrict Class 4 vehicles from operating in green transportation areas and Class 5 vehicles from operating throughout Seoul by 2025, Class 4 vehicles from operating throughout Seoul by 2030, and engine-driven cars from operating throughout Seoul by 2050. Like many cities in Europe, Seoul announced a mid- to long-term plan to phase out engine-driven cars as a key measure to manage air pollution, and it is necessary to examine and refine the details of the implementation. In this study, we examined the issues that are expected to arise in the process of implementing Seoul's planned expansion of vehicle restrictions and investigated measures to increase citizens' acceptance of the policy. Finally, we proposed short- and long-term directions for the implementation of Seoul's vehicle restrictions.