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A Study on the Implementation and Operation of the Community Plan in Seoul

Jae-Seob YangㆍSu-Youn Seong


The Community Plan of Seoul will be finalized at the end of 2017 through the residents’ workshops and public hearings. The Seoul Community Plan was introduced as an intermediate plan to link the 2030 Seoul plan(Comprehensive Plan) and the Urban Management Plan.


The Seoul Community Plan is a comprehensive plan that integrates and coordinates various projects and plans. Also, it is meaningful as a ‘community-based residents participation plan’ that Seoul city government, the local government and the residents have established together.


The aim of this study is to find out about the deficiencies in the plan, and review follow-up actions for implementation so as to execute the community plan.


Several follow-up measures are needed to utilize and operate the Seoul Community Plan. First, the contents of issue plan and spatial guidelines should be more specific. It is necessary to avoid overlapping or listing plans, and to link plans to specific means of realization.

Second, it should improve the conditions for the implementation of the plan for the local government. It needs to increase its reliance on urban planning experts and strengthen the administrative and financial support for the local community.

Third, it is necessary to establish an operating system for the Seoul Metropolitan Government. It is necessary to clarify the roles of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the local community to establish a plan for the implementation and operation of the Seoul Community Plan.

Fourth, the legal basis of the Community Plan should be strengthened. It is necessary to clarify the status and the role of the plans through the revision of relevant laws and regulations.


Above all, in order to systematically execute the Seoul Community Plan, it is necessary to decide how to utilize the plan. It can be used as an urban planning review and as a guideline for urban management planning. Second, the Seoul Metropolitan Government needs to set up guidelines for the Seoul Metropolitan Government's operation of the plan, and the local government need to set up an action plan for this plan. In addition, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the local governments need to ensure that ‘The Regional Council for Local Government’ meets regularly. Third, it will have to establish a legal framework and operating system for Seoul.


Concerning long-term considerations, the need to reorganize the plan requires the following : We need to clarify the contents of the plan and strengthen our guidelines, such as land use, central area management, and new development. Finally, the community plan will need to be established by the local governments and increase the role they play in its implementation.




01 Introduction

1_Background and Purpose

2_Scope and Methodology


02 Progress and Main Contents of the Seoul Community Plan

1_Purpose and Significance

2_Historical Background of the Plan

3_Organization and Contents


03 Issues and Prerequisites for Planning Operations

1_Issues in Planning Operations

2_Prerequisites for Operating the Seoul Community Plan


04 Supplementary Directions for Operation of the Seoul Community Plan

1_Complement the Contents of the Seoul Community Plan

2_Improve the Implement Conditions of Local Government

3_Prepare the Operating System of the Seoul Community Plan

4_Preparation of Legal Basis


05 Implementation and Operation of the Seoul Community Plan

1_Direction of Implementation

2_Practical Usage and Operation System of the Seoul Community Plan

3_Modifications during Planning Reorganization