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A Study on Improvement Strategies for Seoul Inter‐Regional Cultural Exchange and Cooperative Projects for Mutual Regional Development

Hee-Yun JungㆍWon-Sill Hwang


In 2016, Seoul announced “the Master Plan for the Win‐Win Inter‐Regional Development.” This plan suggested five policy areas with 19 regional cooperative projects. With the plan, it also expressed a strong policy of promotion for inter‐regional cultural exchanges and cooperative projects to reduce the deepening polarization between urban and rural areas of Korea.

This study aims to suggest action plans for a more effective and efficient policy implementation for these inter‐regional cooperative projects. To this end, we first extensively reviewed the current situation and trends of inter‐regional cultural exchanges and cooperative projects in Seoul. Secondly, we analysed the current best practices concerning inter‐regional cultural exchange and cooperative works from sources domestically and abroad. Finally, we conducted a survey concerning regional demands on cultural exchanges and cooperative works between Seoul and other regional governments aimed at public servants participating in regional cooperative projects on a variety of topics.

This study proposes the basic direction of regional cooperative policy with four guiding principles: 1) developing regional cooperative projects based on real demands of the beneficiary region to ensure project sustainability; 2) the project approach with more considerations of the long‐term perspectives rather than relying on short‐term output; 3) an integrated policy approach to maximize synergies; and 4) progressive enhancement of public‐private sector partnerships.

Major policy recommendations are summarized as follows: obtaining the demand‐driven policy proposals from the beneficiary region, forming an integrated policy to maximize synergy effects of individual projects, developing the most effective practice learning oriented workshops, establishment of institutional framework for private‐public partnerships, and the establishment of social business‐based “Regional Promotion” centres.



01 Introduction

1_Background and Purpose of the Study

2_Main Contents and Research Methods


02 Previous Research on Inter‐Regional Cultural Exchange and Cooperations

1_Perspective of the Central Government

2_Perspective of the Local Governments

3_Policy Implications


03 Policy Status on Regional Cultural Exchanges and Cooperative Projects in Seoul

1_Current Status

2_Policy Achievements and Limitations


04 Domestic and International Case Studies of the Best Practices about the Inter‐Regional Cooperations


05 Survey of the Beneficiary Regions concerning Inter‐Regional Cultural Exchanges and Cooperative Projects of Seoul


06 Policy Agendas for the Seoul Metropolitan Government

1_Policy Direction

2_Short‐term Policy Measures

3_Long‐term Policy Measures