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A Study on Integrated Environmental Pollution Management for Small Businesses in Seoul

Yu-Jin ChoiㆍMook-Han KimㆍHye-Jin Lee


With a steady increase in new pollutants and new sources of emissions, environmental pollution management for businesses has become complicated. Pollutants emitted from a workplace can affect various environmental media such as air, water, and soil. Therefore, developed countries have introduced integrated environmental management for businesses instead of environmental media-specific management. An integrated environmental approach means that emissions to air, water and land, plus a range of other environmental effects, must be considered together, and integrated protection of the environment as a whole must be implemented. Korea has also adopted integrated environmental management in large-scale businesses since 2017. However, in Seoul, most businesses are small-scale businesses, which are not even subject to environmental media-specific management. In many cases, small-scale workplaces are located close to the citizens' living spaces, which can cause inconvenience to citizens and lead to various environmental complaints.

In this study, we tried to find a way to manage the integrated environment of small businesses in order to minimize the inconvenience to citizens and to improve the environmental management at the workplaces. As a result, the directions and strategies for integrated environmental management of small businesses were suggested.


01 Introduction
1_Background and Purpose of the Study
2_Main Contents and Research Methods

02 Trend in Integrated Environmental Management System
1_Overseas Integrated Environmental Management System
2_Domestic Integrated Environmental Management System
3_Concluding Remarks

03 Small Business-Related Laws and Policies
1_Related Laws
2_Domestic Policies and Programs
3_Overseas Policies and Programs

04 Integrated Environmental Management Priority
1_Emission Facilities According to Environmental Media-Specific Laws
2_Emission Facilities Status
3_Small Business Status
4_Environmental Management Priority

05 Surveys of Relevant People
1_Survey of Relevant Workers
2_Survey of Relevant Experts
3_Concluding Remarks

06 Policy Suggestions
1_Policy Directions for Small Business Environmental Management
2_Strategies for Integrated Environmental Management of Small Business