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A Study on Seoul Metropolitan Government's Preliminary Budget Review for Disaster Management and Safety

Jong-Seok WonㆍHyo-Mi KimㆍGa-Hui ShinㆍSang-Gyoon Kim

The revision of the Basic Act on Disaster and Safety Management in 2020 made it mandatory for local governments to review disaster management and safety budgets in advance. Accordingly, Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG) should also review the disaster management and safety budget in advance to match the city's risk characteristics. However, related research or analysis is lacking. In a survey of Seoul citizens, 61.5% of the survey subjects answered that the disaster safety budget would be needed more in the future. For Seoul citizens, only 24.8% of the respondents thought that the disaster managment and safety budget input according to the change in risk conditions was appropriate. To solve the above problems, we conducted literature review, statistics collection, media report trend analysis, and expert opinion survey. Through this, the key investment directions and investment priorities for the preliminary budget review of the Seoul disaster management and safety were presented. Our investigation led us to following conclusions:

 ⅰ) It is necessary to analyze the risk characteristics of Seoul on a regular basis. 

 ⅱ) Systematic establishment of safety values   for the establishment of a disaster safety budget in Seoul

 ⅲ) Implementing a preliminary review system by reflecting the performance of disaster safety budget operation

 ⅳ) Establishment of a council for the operation of the disaster safety budget preliminary review system

 ⅴ) Establishment of Seoul-type disaster safety budget classification system

 ⅵ) Reinforcement of the role of the department in charge of disaster and safety budget and the expertise of manpower