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A Study of Urban Health Indicators in Seoul

Chang-Woo ShonㆍJung-Ah Kim


Seoul, the capital of Republic of Korea, has become a mega-city over ten million population after rapid urbanization in the past 50 years, and Seoul also has become an advanced city, which draws the world’s attention and allows interaction with a number of foreigners every day. Seoul, however, always run risks stemming from the characteristics of international mega-cities, such as high possibility of occurrence of infectious diseases, increase in thermal patients due to climate change. In addition, Seoul stands on higher risks compared to other international mega-cities, relationship breakdown, unequal distribution of healthcare resources. In spite of a myriad of health risks in Seoul, discussion on developing and utilizing urban health indicators to improve health of Seoul citizen has not occurred. Therefore, this study attempts to develop urban health indicators of Seoul to manage health risks of Seoul citizen and monitor health risks’ impact. Following a literature review, Delphi survey, criteria(availability of data acquisition, comparability among districts and international mega-cities), this study derives 20 core Seoul urban health indicators. There are suggestions for managing and utilizing Seoul urban health indicators. First, an institution is needed to manage systematically and calculate statistical results of urban health indicators. In addition, monitoring of current Seoul’s urban health status has to be consistently maintained by developing urban health map and comparing its status with other mega-cities. Finally, we propose suggestions applying urban health indicator to Seoul healthcare plans and Seoul plan 2030 to achieve health in all policies.



01 Introduction


2_Purpose of the Study

3_Main Contents and Research Methods


02 Importance of Urban Health and its concept

1_Importance of Urban Health

2_Concept of Urban Health and Its Prior Direction

3_Deriving Urban Health Risks in Seoul Metropolitan City: Based on Experts’ Workshop


03 Review of Urban Health-related Indicators

1_Health Indicators and System for Maintaining National/Regional Health in Korea

2_Health Indicators and System for Maintaining National/Regional Health in Foreign Countries


04 Development of Seoul Urban Health Indicator System with Delphi Survey

1_Strategy for Developing Urban Health Indicator System

2_Delphi Survey for Reviewing Propriety

3_Development of Seoul Urban Health Indicators: Results of Delphi Survey

4_Twenty Core Seoul Urban Health Indicators


05 Plans for Maintaining and Utilizing Seoul Urban Health Indicators

1_Significance of Seoul Urban Health Indicators

2_Plans for Maintaining and Utilizing Seoul Urban Health Indicators