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Suggestion of Amendment of Law and System for Effective Utilization of National Land in Urban Regeneration Zone

Seung-Hyun Min · Sang-Il Kim · Ji-Hye Yang · Jun-Young Jang


Currently, urban regeneration projects are in progress to improve residential environments throughout the country, including Seoul. For the successful implementation of the project, it is urgent to establish a base facility that plays a significant role of public support in the region. The project areas contains not only municipal lands but also many national lands. Therefore, there is a growing need for and discussion on the efficient use of national land. To improve utilization of national land, this study focuses on amendment of laws and provision of new systems.

National land is classified as general property and administrative property. While general property can be freely utilized, administrative property can be only exchanged. In the whole national land, the general property and the administrative property account for about 4% and 96%, respectively. It is inevitable to revise the administrative property utilization law in order to utilize the national land. Therefore, this study suggests the revision of administrative restraint in urban regeneration area.

Since the current Urban Regeneration Act provides legal provisions for the sale of national land only, it is suggested to add detailed provisions for all terms of use as well as for sale. In addition, the law was amended to set a deadline to prevent delays in application and review of use of national land. Finally, it was revised to flexibly apply rent and lease period when renting national land in urban regeneration area.

General property can be freely used compared to administrative property. General property can be secured by abolishing the idle administrative property which lost administrative purpose. However, administrative property managers tend to be reluctant to abolish their use because of the future availability of idle administrative property. In addition, the central government plans to carry out the survey of the whole idle administrative property, but this takes a lot of time. Therefore, for the identification of idle administrative property and the activation of the abolishment system, we propose a system that the local governor can report the idle administrative property directly to the central government.

In the case of administrative property with a high potential for utilization, it is suggested to introduce direct utilization method of administrative property so that it can be utilized for urban regeneration purpose through utilization of high density. In order to discuss the direct use of administrative property, we proposed the operation of the administrative property utilization consultation body between the subject who wants to use the administrative property in the urban regeneration area and the administrative property manager.

We also conducted a survey on the status of national land in 27 urban regeneration areas and 77 residential environment management areas designated by Seoul Metropolitan Government. Among them, we selected specific national lands suitable for establishing base facilities, and presented facility development examples considering the publicness and profitability.

In order to promote the urban regeneration, the urban regeneration departments in Seoul and the whole country need to review the proposals in this study in depth and propose to the central government the realization of the proposal contents. In addition, by constantly revising and supplementing related laws and procedures, it is necessary to induce the settlement of the utilization system of national land for urban regeneration.



01 Introduction

1_Background and Purpose of the Study

2_Research Scope and Method


02 Limitations and Tasks of the Current National Land Use System

1_Changes of Paradigm of National Land Use

2_Pending Issues on National Land Use

3_Limitations on the Current National Land Use System

4_Suggesting Framework for Improvement of the Current System


03 Amendment of Related Laws for Effective Use of National Land

1_Planning for Amendments to the Laws

2_Expansion of Application Range of Administrative Property

3_Establishing a Deadline for a National Land Use Application

4_Utilization of the Restriction on Exclusive Use of National Property Act

5_Expecting Activation of National Land Utilization through the Legal Amendment


04 Arrangement of Support System for Effective Use of National Land

1_Planning for the Support System

2_Introduction of the Free Idle-National-Land Report System

3_Introduction of the Administrative-Property Direct Utilization System

4_Operation of the Administrative-Property Utilization Consultation Body

5_Introduction of the Public-led Total Management System

6_Administrative-Property Utilization for Urban Regeneration Purpose after the New System Introduction


05 Study on the Use of National Land in Seoul

1_Case Analysis Overview

2_[Utilization Planning ExampleⅠ] Nakwon Market

3_[Utilization Planning ExampleⅡ] Hongeun-Dong

4_[Utilization Planning ExampleⅢ] Kyungin-Ro

5_[Utilization Planning ExampleⅣ] Majang-Dong

6_[Utilization Planning ExampleⅤ] Shinchon

7_[Utilization Planning ExampleⅥ] Mook2-Dong

8_Chapter Conclusion


06 Conclusion and Policy Proposals

1_Improvement Plan of Legal System

2_Policy Proposals for the Use of National Land